From the Feminine

Through our Wise Women Circles, Heart Centred Coaching and inspirational literature, From the Feminine invites you to reconnect deeply with yourself and your community, reawaken to your greatest gifts and deepest dreams, and to shine your brightest light ... in service of the greatest flourishing of all humanity. 

'From the Heart' Mentoring 


As part of From the Feminine's vision to inspire individuals to embrace their greatest destiny, I offer a holistic and integrated personal and professional mentoring practice for both individuals and couples. 

I am passionate about working with individuals who seek a new way of “being” in this beautiful world. One which aligns fully and uniquely with heart centred beingness and a conscious commitment to ever increasing levels of loving communication and action as the sole way of interacting with self, others and the world at large.

Through Heart Centred Mentoring, I seek to reframe how we choose to “be” in the world in a practical way, suited to integration in our modern environment - discovering how we are able to live from a heart centred place of deep peace, love, purpose and passion while leading much of our modern day lives.  

How would it be if every decision you made came from that heart-space? How would it feel if you walked through the world, every moment of every day, truly connected to that deeper, truer, better part of yourself? How would it feel to consciously and consistently walk through the world gently, with flow, open, magnetic, receptive, with deep sensitivity, connectivity and resonance? Can you imagine how your life would look and how you would feel, if all your decisions, actions and communications came from this place?

Through Heart Centred Mentoring, I assist you to remember your natural ability to speak from your heart and listen with your heart. By making a choice to live this way - taking full responsibility for your happiness, living your greatest life, being authentic and shining your brightest light - you are choosing a way of being in the world which prioritises love, peace and harmony - both within and externally.   

I work with individuals who may consider themselves “highly sensitive”, or empaths, and who are already living much of their life from this place,  to support them in embracing their gifts and their unique way of interacting with the world. I also work with people who may not see themselves in this category, but whom feel deeply drawn to acknowledge, experience and honour this beautiful and connective way of being. 

We are each here to walk through the world in love and light - radiant and thriving. For far too long this has been buried so very deeply in our individual and collective psyches, in favour of basic survival and a false belief in the need for struggle and pain to progress.  It is so very much past the time that we must now re-awaken to this way of being - acting, communicating, making decisions and healing from our most loving and authentic, light filled heart space. 

My mentoring style is holistic and integrated, drawing from several modalities, including ...

  • traditional counselling and psychotherapy theories, in particular Carl Rogers' Person Centred Therapy, Energy Psychology and Self Psychology;  (I am currently undertaking my Masters in Counselling & Psychotherapy);
  • the work of Claire Zammit and Katherine Woodward Thomas in their Feminine Power Courses;
  • the philosophies and teachings of Barbara Marx-Hubbard (and others) in their work on the conscious evolution of humanity through co-creation and resonance;
  • principles of mediation and alternative dispute resolution, gained during my 10 year legal career; 
  • the philosophy and techniques of Energy Medicine and Qi Gong; 
  • the teachings of Marshall Rosenberg in his Non-Violent Communication work;.

And, most importantly, in all of my work, I am guided by intuition and my connection to the greater field of life, which we all access when living from and honouring our heart-space.  

If you would like to find out more, I would love to hear from you! 


“Inspiring, Modern Mother on a mission! I have worked with Sasha since early 2013 and have since watched her business flourish. Her coaching sessions were incredibly insightful and gave me a clear direction for my (almost) immediate plans. From the Feminine offers a unique and empowering experience that will benefit women everywhere. Sasha is an intelligent and intuitive woman with a natural ability to gently guide you to discover your soul purpose. I would highly recommend Sasha’s services to any women looking to reconnect with her feminine identity. I look forward to watching Sasha and her magnificent vision continue to grow and continue to inspire woman around the world.
- Linda, WA
“Sasha gave me a coaching session at a pivotal time in my life. I was wanting to make a big impact with my new business, but somehow was stuck as to how to go about attracting people to want my services. She had an incredibly gentle way to coach me: she listened deeply, allowed me to express myself fully, and then encouraged me to think of different options, possible client perceptions and to look at improving how I felt inwardly.I never that thought of all these different things that could unblock me, and have felt a big shift within afterwards, which has manifested itself brilliantly in my business.There is a lot of power in the feminine, gentle and soft way Sasha coaches. I look forward to my next session with her!”

- Catherine, WA