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Through our Wise Women Circles, Heart Centred Coaching and inspirational literature, From the Feminine invites you to reconnect deeply with yourself and your community, reawaken to your greatest gifts and deepest dreams, and to shine your brightest light ... in service of the greatest flourishing of all humanity. 


I have teamed up with my amazing mentor, friend and colleague, Claire Paterson of Affirm Psychology to create a range of courses for parents which inspire them to create more mindful lives for themselves, so as to enjoy parenthood in ways they may never have thought possible!

We also offer Mindful Parenting Coaching for individuals, couples and small groups and are happy to lead private courses if you would like to get a professional or friendship group together. Please use the 'get in touch' form if you would like to be put on a wait-list for our course or if you would like one to one or small group coaching for your family, friends or workplace. 

The Mindful Moments Parenting Course

We have designed a six week course as a journey for you to enjoy discovering how living mindfully, being gentle and nurturing with yourself and creating mindful moments, just for you, will give you a greater ability to be mindful with your children and teach them to do it for themselves across their lives.

At Mindful Moments, we believe that we first need to look after ourselves as parents, and learn to be mindful towards ourselves, before we can be fully present to our children and model to them, this wonderful life skill.

We believe the best place to embrace your mindfulness journey is in an environment which provides you with a gentle and nurturing space where you can drop out of your head, out of your to do list and into your heart … where you can truly find peace in the moment. For this reason, the course is as experiential as possible, while also providing you with lots of information on mindful parenting practices. The groups are kept small (8 to 12 people) to allow for personalised attention, and include guided meditations and self-reflection. Claire and Sasha run the groups together and bring to the course their experience as Mums and their professional expertise in psychology, coaching, group facilitation and meditation. 

Our vision is to inspire every parent who comes to our courses, to live their most beautiful life by being gentle to themselves, loving themselves and then offering this as a way of being to their children. We want to help parents experience ever greater levels of joy, peace, love and gentleness in their everyday lives, and most specifically in their parenting journey. We believe mindfulness practices offer a beautiful path on this journey.

How can you benefit from being a mindful parent?

Being mindful in your parenting, gives you a chance to stop and breathe, whenever you need to, when the world gets a little crazy. It helps you to stay calm, more often. It helps you to be more aware of your own thoughts, feelings and body and helps you to become more aware of your child’s thoughts, feelings and needs also. 

It helps you to be less critical of yourself and your child, gives you more choice in how you react to your child and helps you to learn that you do not have to respond immediately - you can just stop, stand back and take a moment to assess and then respond in the best way possible (instead of flying off the handle with some knee jerk reaction triggered by our own experience of being parented). This all strengthens your relationship with your child, makes you feel so much better about your own parenting practices and allows the space for so much more peace and joy in the family home.

What is Mindfulness?

In short, it is focussed attention on being present to yourself, being “inside” your body, and truly feeling what you feel, seeing what you are seeing, hearing what you are listening to. It is the practice of bringing conscious awareness to your thoughts, feelings, and actions, as much as possible.  Mindfulness is easier when we are in a contented and healthy space, both emotionally and physically, but can get really tricky when you’re feeling tired, need to feed and bath the kids and get the school homework done too!

How can mindfulness be of benefit to you?

Developing a good mindfulness practice is more about ‘being’  rather than ‘doing’ anything in particular and will naturally help you to be in tune with your own personal needs and wishes as you develop a deeper, and more gentle and loving connection with yourself. In turn this will allow you to choose how you want to ‘be’ in the world … allowing you to more wisely, and easily choose the activities, conversations and connections you are involved with. You will find that all you ‘give’ of yourself to others, from this mindful space will also be nourishing rather than depleting for you. In the long term, it will allow you to regulate your emotional responses more easily and gives you greater connection to yourself at a deep level - your intuition, your creativity, your physical and emotional states. This deeper connection with yourself, makes you more available for meaningful connection with others and the world around you. And this is a key component to giving you a more joyful and present experience of parenthood … for you and your children.

How can mindfulness benefit children?

Check out how these gorgeous kids benefit from the mindfulness practices being implemented at their school ...


Disclaimer: We are not parenting experts! We are two frazzled mums who decided we were going to embrace parenthood for all it is … the good and the bad … and not beat ourselves up (too much) about how much we suck at it some days! We decided we wanted to enjoy our children more, enjoy the parenting experience as much as we could, discovered some things that have helped us along the way, and thought it might be fun to share them with you! We scream, our kids throw tantrums (and occasionally food, toys etc), we cry in overwhelm and whinge to our husbands about our crappy days, our kids are perfectly imperfect and we break down in tears, and there are days you will see us dragging them screaming (them and us) out of shops, just like every other parent. We’ve just decided we are going to try not to hate ourselves for it anymore and start fresh in each moment, knowing we truly are doing our best.

About Claire and Sasha:  In a parallel dimension, which (we think) once existed before kids, Claire worked as a psychologist and Sasha was a lawyer … and we thought we were really busy … all the time. Back in those days, we would spend our time imagining how awesome being a stay at home mum would be - reading to our kids, drinking coffee with our friends and lots of cute baby cuddles and stuff. Yeah. We think ROFL is the right acronym to insert here? Then along came Miss 9, Mr 8, Miss 5 and Mr 4. The purest of love, joy and devotion, the greatest depths of overwhelm and sky rocketing anxiety levels, hit us square in the face… And so began our parenting journey. Interspersed amongst the recent years, Claire has slowly returned to her private practice part time, and Sasha has changed directions, switching law for coaching and running Women’s Wellbeing groups, teaching Meditation, Qi Gong and Energy Medicine and is completing her Masters in Psychotherapy and Counselling.  And mostly … hoping everyday that we are doing the right things for our little people. Over the years, as each others’ parenting confidantes, we have discovered our passion for becoming the best versions of ourselves so that we can then be as present, joyful and authentic with our children as we could possibly be. We love sharing our highs and our lows (and believe me, we hit those lows fairly consistently and with great speed some days!), learning from them, and encouraging parents to be gentle with themselves on this crazy journey. 

We have a Facebook page dedicated to "Mindful Moment" parenting where we hope a community of like minded families will join together and support each other on this journey towards a more mindful, fulfilling, loving and connected experience ... Mindful Moments Parenting Movement.