From the Feminine

Through our Wise Women Circles, Heart Centred Coaching and inspirational literature, From the Feminine invites you to reconnect deeply with yourself and your community, reawaken to your greatest gifts and deepest dreams, and to shine your brightest light ... in service of the greatest flourishing of all humanity. 

Founder, Sasha Moss 


Hi everyone and welcome to From the Feminine! Here's a little bit about me and a snapshot of my journey to From the Feminine (for the extended, juicy version, check out my blog!) ...

For close to ten years, I was a lawyer, hiding in the “broom” closet!  Whilst I loved my career, the intellectual challenges, power suits, and especially the wonderful mentors and friends I met along the way, my true passion lay elsewhere.  After the birth of my two beautiful daughters, I was blessed to have the opportunity to take up my role as a stay at home mum – both the most wonderful and challenging of roles! This break from the corporate world really allowed me to get back in touch with my heart’s desires, and, as I let the wild, chaotic, passionate world of motherhood engulf me, my previous connections to the fast paced, strategic, achievement driven world of law, quickly dissolved! 

During this time of change I sensed a deep need to connect with parts of myself which had been quietened by circumstance and society - to connect with my deepest soul desires about what my life could truly be - and to do this with a group of likeminded women. I sought a forum where we could come together informally to connect, share, inspire, explore a woman's path and experience the beauty ad power of women in support of one another. I searched ... but I couldn't find it! My only option? Create it myself! And so, in 2008, I took my first leap of faith and sent an email to many wonderful friends - all of whom I considered to be wonderfully wise, and asked them to join me in a "Wise Women Circle".

This group was intended to be, and swiftly became a meeting of heart-minds - a place where we could support and celebrate one another as women, and connect with ourselves to tap into our deepest thoughts, dreams and desires  - those which we had inadvertently buried under mountains of laundry, professional deadlines, screaming toddlers and dizzying social calendars! The Wise Women Circle provided a sacred space where deep conversation and connection could truly take place - a breath of fresh air and a touch of magic, away from the hectic daily routine, and beyond our assigned identities. Each Circle gave us the chance to explore who we are in our most quiet moments, both as individuals and as a collective. A sort of yoga for your heart and soul!

Fast forward to 2013 and, with my youngest child about to start school, the time felt right to launch into my next professional endeavour - one which this time around, would feed not only my mind, but also my heart and soul! In this time of personal transition, my vision became clear ... I discovered my passion for working with women who wished to reconnect with themselves and other women who are seeking to journey towards what brings them the greatest fulfilment, love and joy in their worlds. Whether this be a career path, cultivating a particular quality in life or their roles as mother, daughter or wife, my vision was to empower and inspire women to take the next step on what I call their destiny path. By 'destiny path', I mean the path that leads to the greatest level of flourishing, thriving and joy in their world - a kind of thriving born only from meaningful engagement with your deepest sense of self and life purpose. I believe that when we each take responsibility for living our most authentic, joyous and fulfilled life, we reclaim our radiance, and it is this radiance that transforms our world into a more peaceful and loving place to be. 

After 5 inspiring, sacred and fantastically fun years of Wise Women Circles with my friends. I knew that many women around the globe must also be searching for these same heart-mind connections, and over the last few years my heart and soul has been constantly screaming at me to take the next step and create many more circles of Wise Women Groups which will ripple out into the world and touch many many women around the globe ... and so, From the Feminine was born! 

And why From the Feminine you ask?  In many places in the Western World, women are now considered "empowered", in the sense that we have attained, overall, the basic rights to be seen, heard, safe and respected. However, we have much work still to do on empowering the feminine ... both within women and men. These qualities, such as sensitivity, softness, emotionality and nurturing, have often been considered "weak", when in fact, there is enormous strength, wisdom and power in each of these aspects. It is time for women to recognise this and honour it in themselves. The name From the Feminine therefore, is inspired quite simply from the beauty and power which can flow from a woman ... whether through the birth of a child, the birth of a creative masterpiece or the birth of ideas which shape our world - a power which is as unassuming as the gentle river flowing, quietly carving out a mountain. The Feminine holds so many gifts for the world, and in gathering together to honour ourselves and one another we are bringing forth into the world a powerful and sacred energy, which will carry humanity into a beautiful new phase. From the Feminine Circles and Coaching provides the space for us to learn the power and fullness which can flow 'from the feminine' when we learn to honour ourselves. Once we have begun this journey, we will be able to teach our daughters how to honour their feminine as much as their masculine qualities. We will likewise have the tools to teach our sons how to honour and cherish the feminine within their female counterparts, as well as the emerging feminine within themselves.

If you would like to know more, I'd love to hear from you! Please send me an email through our Get in Touch form. Looking forward to connecting with you!

Wishing you much love, light and laughter ...



Such a brilliant and life changing night. Thank you so much. I’ve been wondering how to connect with like-minded people. But for all this to fall into place and to meet with such a brilliant group … beyond my wildest hopes. Can’t wait to explore this new direction with you further!
— Shirley, WA.
Sasha, you are creating a sacred space ... you are creating ‘magic’. I am so honoured to be part of your Circles.
— Steph, WA
Thank you Sasha. Last night’s Circle, was, simply said, ‘beautiful’. I am so delighted to be part of a positive and uplifting group of ladies who share like mindedness. I very much look forward to our future Circles.
— Sarah, WA.
Thank you again for inviting me to take part in such a wonderful event.  I just love that you are following your heart and being so courageous and generous making this happen for all women.
— Caroline, WA.