From the Feminine

Through our Wise Women Circles, Heart Centred Coaching and inspirational literature, From the Feminine invites you to reconnect deeply with yourself and your community, reawaken to your greatest gifts and deepest dreams, and to shine your brightest light ... in service of the greatest flourishing of all humanity. 

Browse some of the beautiful feedback Sasha has received for both the Circles and her Mentoring ... 

Such a brilliant and life changing night. Thank you so much. I’ve been wondering how to connect with like-minded people. But for all this to fall into place and to meet with such a brilliant group … beyond my wildest hopes. Can’t wait to explore this new direction with you further!”
— Shirley, WA.

“Sasha, you are creating a sacred space ... you are creating ‘magic’. I am so honoured to be part of your Circles.”
— Steph, WA

“Thank you Sasha. Last night’s Circle, was, simply said, ‘beautiful’. I am so delighted to be part of a positive and uplifting group of ladies who share like mindedness. I very much look forward to our future Circles.”
— Sarah, WA.

“Thank you again for inviting me to take part in such a wonderful event. I just love that you are following your heart and being so courageous and generous making this happen for all women.”
— Caroline, WA.

”The feeling when I come away from a Circle is one of peace and inner quiet. There is something so powerful in the conversations and meditations that Sasha cultivates within our group. Thanks for sharing your unique, special qualities with me Sasha - a beautiful soul inside and out.”
— Sandy, WA.

”Inspiring, Modern Mother on a mission! I have worked with Sasha since early 2013 and have since watched her business flourish. Her coaching sessions were incredibly insightful and gave me a clear direction for my (almost) immediate plans.
From the Feminine offers a unique and empowering experience that will benefit women everywhere. Sasha is an intelligent and intuitive woman with a natural ability to gently guide you to discover your soul purpose. I would highly recommend Sasha’s services to any women looking to reconnect with her feminine identity.
I look forward to watching Sasha and her magnificent vision continue to grow and continue to inspire woman around the world.
- Linda, WA.

“Sasha gave me a coaching session at a pivotal time in my life. I was wanting to make a big impact with my new business, but somehow was stuck as to how to go about attracting people to want my services. She had an incredibly gentle way to coach me: she listened deeply, allowed me to express myself fully, and then encouraged me to think of different options, possible client perceptions and to look at improving how I felt inwardly.I never that thought of all these different things that could unblock me, and have felt a big shift within afterwards, which has manifested itself brilliantly in my business.There is a lot of power in the feminine, gentle and soft way Sasha coaches. I look forward to my next session with her!”
- Catherine Fewings, WA

“Sasha, it was such an uplifting night. I left with so much to think about and I think a big change in my perspective on some issues in my life. Thanks for giving us the chance to just be ourselves!!!!”
— Rachel, WA.

“First I want to thank you for an inspiring, enriching night! Loved it!!! Even writing this, it makes me teary but I just had to tell you how powerful the evening was. You are doing an amazing, wonderful thing, and you do it with such unconditional love. Amazing! Thank you.”
— Jodie, WA.

“Thank you! It was an amazing evening - such awesome energy in the space you hold for us. I’m feeling great today - my energy is so different - basal, centred, calm and slow. So so so nice! Thank you for providing us with the space to share and open ourselves up to infinite possibilities. Wonderful awesome woman that you are. Thank you!”
- Natasha, W.A.