From the Feminine

Through our Wise Women Circles, Heart Centred Coaching and inspirational literature, From the Feminine invites you to reconnect deeply with yourself and your community, reawaken to your greatest gifts and deepest dreams, and to shine your brightest light ... in service of the greatest flourishing of all humanity. 

We invite you to reconnect, remember and shine ...

I believe that our world is transforming in beautiful ways ... and this change is born inside each of us as we gently follow the yearnings in our heart to live lives of deep love, connection, joy, peace and authenticity. At From the Feminine, I invite you to join me on a journey back to yourself - to who you are in those quiet moments when you reconnect with your heart and soul, your passions and deepest dreams. I believe this commitment to reclaiming our radiance, is the light that transforms our world into a more peaceful and loving place to be. Please join me on this wonderful journey!

                   This week's Monday Meditation Message

                  This week's Monday Meditation Message

Wise Women Circles

Wise Women Circles provide a sacred space for deep conversation and reconnection to ourselves and others. It is our wish that every woman who attends a Circle, will feel that she has had a chance to step out of her daily life and into a few magical moments where she is able to recharge, reconnect, value, affirm, love, honour and cherish herself and her fellow journey women.  Find out more about the Circles and how you can join or create your own, here


Sasha Moss, creator of From the Feminine,  is known for inspiring individuals to live their most authentic lives and shine their brightest light.  Her Heart Centred Mentoring for individuals and couples focusses on reawakening us to our natural state - acting, healing and communicating from our heart centres. Find out more about Sasha's mentoring programme or schedule a session.

Inspirational Literature

Sasha's writing has been featured alongside luminaries such as Marianne Williamson on Women for One, and most recently on the Elephant Journal. Follow Sasha's blog for regular doses of inspiration and browse her meditation podcasts. Check back soon to get your copy of her "How to" guide for running your own Wise Women Circle and keep an eye out for her upcoming book -  "The Invitation - to Reconnect, Remember and Shine!". 



Speaking Engagements, Workshops and Celebration Circles

Sasha is available to speak to groups and run workshops and retreats. She also facilitates Mother Blessings and House Blessings, ceremonies which can run alongside or in the place of Baby Showers and Housewarmings. Send Sasha an email here for more information. 

"From the Feminine was conceived from my deep sense that women all over the world are seeking a new level of connection with self, other women and their world.  For too long the feminine has been shunned by women and men alike.  Hence an urgent need to explore, honour and empower all that is the divine feminine - all of that creative power which can flow 'from the feminine' - and translate this in to our modern day context. Only then can we meet the call of the next stage of humanity's evolution - the masculine and feminine, balanced and fully integrated, stepping forward in true partnership."  Sasha Moss, Founder 

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